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    I just received this awesome link to Biology of Story and wish to introduce myself and my work. I direct the Thomas Wolfe Center here in Asheville at Lenoir-Rhyne University's Graduate Center in Asheville. It's an M.A. in Writing program with a Narrative Healthcare certificate program built-in for those who wish to help transform medicine with story. I've written one book of poems and two books of architectural history, working on like ten more; we'll see which one wins. I sail boats, paddle canoes, and rescue needy beasts. Grew up in the wilds of Canada and North Carolina and a white, sandy beach in Florida. I've always used story to organize experience and also to milk it for all its work. Always seemed I hadn't lived an experience until I'd told it either in writing or voice. As a teacher of writing, I see my students discover this process themselves. One student is 81 and a retired engineer (he invented stuff that makes it possible for me to write this to you). He tells me "I feel I get to live my whole life over again, only this time paying attention."

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