• Katrice

    Hi, I am a UK based storyteller and consultant who works with 'narrative4change.' My present work is focusing and exploring work around narrative and ACE's. around 8 ACE's have been identified and these range from a parent who may be an addict to an acrimonious divorce or abuse. It has been found that if you have 4 or more of these it can shorten your life by 20 years, double your chances of lung cancer or COPD and mean that you are 12x more likely to attempt suicide. This mainly stems from chronic stress rewiring the brain due to a rise in cortisol and adrenalin that shooters the telomeres that are at the ends of our chromosomes and responsible for longevity and cell reproduction. Mindfulness and exercise have been seen to help lengthen the telomeres but I would suggest, based on the research done at Emory University, that when one listens to a story you are being mindful and your brain, through neural coupling is firing off as though you are physically in the story. I think it would be a useful thread to include as it impacts not just with individuals but whole communities of people who may have suffered from repression and prejudice. It leads to a better understanding of what it means to re-story ourself and our communities.

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