Thanks for your posting. Sorry it's taken a while to respond. The playback controls and sidebar button issues should be solved by reloading the page and if necessary clearing your browser cache. The login button should open a window for your twitter or facebook login. We hope in the future to have a genuine login functionality; for now this is limited, but it should allow you to make a playlist based on your facebook or twitter id. @BKK said: > I LOVE the Biology of Story. > Here are a few problems that I have encountered so you can make it ever better. > 1) The Video playback controls (pause, progress bar) at the bottom of the screen are missing today. There were there yesterday, my first day on the site. I am watching the Kendall Haven video in order. > 2) The login button at the top right does not work. I was not able to use it to login. I created a profile yesterday. > 3) I did not get an email when I created my user profile. Was I supposed to? > 4) The site is loading very slowly today. I bookmarked the Kendall Haven videos and have to wait a minute or two for that page to load when I use the bookmark. > 5) The i button at the upper left sometimes disappears. This button opens the sidebar.