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    Yes! Thank you very much for this website. It is as if things I have seen, thought about and worked on have partially come to life! I am an artist , a painter based in Germany ( at this point I must excuse my English- it s a bit rusty maybe). I see my works as storys. They emerge from memory fragments, imagination and different time contexts. While painting I have the idea of being able to hold on to or even stop time on the image carrier by creating an everlasting ambivalence of rigidity (the medium itself does not move) and movement (the way of painting). At that I open a timeframe in order to tell the same story in different connexions. The idea of time, how it is untouchable, how one experiences it so differently and knowing it is limited. How moments seem to recur, the past forms the present so all is connected gives me solace but also riddle which I try to solve with painterly manipulation. Knowing that I am totally aware of my incompetence of doing so, nonetheless I imagine that I could. By using memory and making things up I pretend to be able to jump back and forth through time and see things how and when I want to see them. I believe stories are very powerful and the core of mostly everything.... they can set minds on fire, be a (are the?) cause of inner drive. ... It is really great to see its importance and presence being recognized and discussed on so so many levels.
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  • Actually all 1200 or so interview clips are listed as "private" on Youtube. They are meant to be viewed within the Biology of Story interface. You can watch that clip here (and various other places): http://biologyofstory.com/#/main?media=were-in-a-swarm-of-stories @Sternshein said: > Hi, > "We’re In A Swarm Of Stories - Barbara Mainguy" is listed as private, so is unviewable. :/

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  • Thanks for your posting. Sorry it's taken a while to respond. The playback controls and sidebar button issues should be solved by reloading the page and if necessary clearing your browser cache. The login button should open a window for your twitter or facebook login. We hope in the future to have a genuine login functionality; for now this is limited, but it should allow you to make a playlist based on your facebook or twitter id. @BKK said: > I LOVE the Biology of Story. > Here are a few problems that I have encountered so you can make it ever better. > 1) The Video playback controls (pause, progress bar) at the bottom of the screen are missing today. There were there yesterday, my first day on the site. I am watching the Kendall Haven video in order. > 2) The login button at the top right does not work. I was not able to use it to login. I created a profile yesterday. > 3) I did not get an email when I created my user profile. Was I supposed to? > 4) The site is loading very slowly today. I bookmarked the Kendall Haven videos and have to wait a minute or two for that page to load when I use the bookmark. > 5) The i button at the upper left sometimes disappears. This button opens the sidebar.
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